A tribute to all the dogs that have served with our Armed Forces

Current Projects
As well as our annual involvement in the Ypres Memorial Parade, we're also undertaking a project in Windsor to build a fixed agility trail.

Read all about this below.

In the near future, we'll be starting work on our War Dogs Remembered dog activity trail in Windsor.

The trail will be dedicated to a dog of war decided by our supporters on Facebook. In line with our foundation of raising awareness, there will be dedications on each part of the trail, with a plaque showing a history of their achievements. We do this to raise the profile of dogs who have lived a military service.

We have chosen to support and commemorate war dogs in this way, as exercise and movement is a great way for dogs to spend their time for a healthy and fulfilling life. Movement throughthe trail will also provide an environment for owners to connect with their dogs.

We also pay homage to the fact that many of the competitions that dogs take part in, either competitively or for fun, have their foundation in the past and present training process that the military use with their dogs. These include those that Lt-Col. Richardson and The British War Dog School used back in the early 20th century, to train dogs for going onto the front lines.

We're working with our partners in the construction of this first trail, and of course we'll be sharing the story of its construction here and on social media. We're hopeful that it will be open for the use of dogs and their owners in Spring 2019.

Our long-term aim is to have a number of these trails all over the UK, all commemorating different war dogs. We hope the sites will enlighten people about how amazing the species is and their individual stories.
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